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Invite Manager is ideal for projects where you want to give users the opportunity to register their interest in your product or service so that you may contact them with an invite code when you are ready to start rolling out your service.

If you want to play around with Invite Manager then I suggest you check out the live demos below.

Features / What you get


The admin email and password is / adminadmin


Who is this script for?

Invite Manager is ideal for anyone launching a site where they want to limit access or gather the emails of users that are interested in joining before launch. Using Invite Manager you can require users to submit their email address and then email selected users (or all users) with an invite code giving them the opportunity to register an account.



Invite Manager is built with Mokoala CMS, the Mokoala installation guide covers how to install this script.

Social Login Integration

All of the guides for social login guides can be found in the Using Mokoala section


All of the guides that you need are located in the Using Mokoala & Mokoala Documentation sections.

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