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The Secure Gallery Manager allows you to build a collection of images, which can be organized into galleries (Galleries can also contain other galleries for enhanced organization), to which access can be restricted to certain groups of users giving you total control over who sees the images you publish.

The Secure Gallery Manager can be dropped into an existing site, such as a blog or portfolio.

If you want to play around with Secure Gallery Manager then I suggest you check out the live demos below.

Features / What You Get


For this particular script I've decided to include just one example, which includes all the functionality you would expect to see in a gallery management system..

The admin email and password is / adminadmin.

Who is this script for?

Secure Gallery Manager is ideal for anyone that wants to integrate a collection of images with thir site that are only available to a select group of users of their choosing.



Secure Gallery Manager is built with Mokoala CMS, the Mokoala installation guide covers how to install this script.

Social Login Integration

All of the guides for social login guides can be found in the Using Mokoala section


All of the guides that you need are located in the Using Mokoala & Mokoala Documentation sections.

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